Maier America Rotary Unions


Series DP - General Purpose

All-purpose rotary joints for water and thermal oil with balanced mechanical seal and roller bearings. Various sealing combinations are available, depending on application. Meets the special requirements of the printing and plastics industry. The rotary joints of the DP, DPN series (DN 6 – 100) are also available in ATEX-certified design.


Series H - Steam and Hot Oil

Universal rotary joint with maintenance-free carbon sealing rings and carbon bushings. Metal-impregnated sealing rings for thermal oil and higher pressure loads when used for hot water and steam. H3 features an integrated vacuum breaker for steam cylinders. These versions are suitable for the rotary transmission of water and steam and, depending on the series for the transmission of heat transfer oil. There is a basic series H and HW for the above-mentioned media up to DN100 and we offer reinforced versions HWA, HWB, HWX for higher speeds, loads and for large nominal sizes. Flexible modular system with retrofit table, flat-sealing housing flanges. A large number of different versions are available for this series. The rotary joints of the series HWA, HWB, HWX (DN 15 – 100) are also available in ATEX-certified design.

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